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The UK Club regularly organises both technical presentations its membership such as the Athens forum on Life at Sea.  The Club is able to call upon the world’s most expert and influential speakers to address our Members on topical and relevant issues.

Sometimes these presentations and events address the needs of specialist groups within the membership.  In the United States an annual Bodily Injury Team Seminar is held by Thomas Miller Americas Inc. bringing personal injury claims specialists together from the Club’s American Members, and those from further afield.   Such events take place in all the regions where the Club is represented.

One of the most important activities of the Club is advancing the interests of its Members as an industry.   Its recognised expertise in legal liability and technical risk management issues leads to frequent participation in governmental and industry meetings and debates.   UK Club executives regularly take part in the activities of forums such as the IMO, Intertanko, EU, the International Group of P&I clubs and

UK Club executives are frequently in demand as speakers for industry conferences on a wide range of issues.   UK Club speakers have presented papers on piracy, overweight containers, handling and preparing dangerous cargoes, pollution and stowaways, as well as giving general presentations on P&I as an insurance class.

Social events are regularly hosted by the Club across all its regions ensuring communication and understanding between staff, Members and other industry partners such as insurance brokers, lawyers, government and local agencies.

Club participation in all these various events and seminars is regularly published in the About the Club section of this website under Club News.

“Life Cycle of a Ship: Navigating the Perils” - 10 – 11 April 2014

“Life Cycle of a Ship: Navigating the Perils” - Asian Maritime Law & Arbitration Conference 10 – 11 April 2014, Supreme Court Auditorium, Singapore.

The Maritime Law Association of Singapore (MLAS), jointly with the Singapore Chamber of Maritime
Arbitration (SCMA), presents the first ever Asian Maritime Law and Arbitration Conference from 10 to 11
April 2014 in Singapore, in conjunction with the Singapore Maritime Week 2014.

Full details of the conference can be found on the event website - - but a brief synopsis is set out below.

Conference Synopsis

The conference will open with a scene from 2007 as Aspiring Shipowner Pte. Ltd. (“Aspiring Shipowner“) seeks to expand its fleet with the addition of the M/T “EXCITING FUTURE” (“the Vessel”), a VLCC to be built at a Chinese yard.  Owing to a tightly packed order book, the Vessel is scheduled to be delivered only in 2013. In anticipation, Aspiring Shipowner enters into a long-term time charterparty with delivery dates to coincide with the Vessel’s completion.  The charterparty provides for SCMA arbitration but the agreed clause is flawed.  The Vessel’s price is financed by a loan secured through a mortgage and assignments of the Vessel’s future income.  Aspiring Shipowner also has the comfort of a refund guarantee issued by the Singapore branch of the shipbuilder’s bank.

The Present

Fast-forward six years to 2013 and the depression in the shipping market has caused the shipyard, with Aspiring Shipowner’s consent, to postpone delivery until January 2014.  Aspiring Shipowner nominates another vessel in its fleet, the M/T “ULTIMATE DREAM” as a substitute vessel to perform the time charterparty.  The substitute vessel is accepted by the charterer Big Oil Ltd (“Big Oil”) but is subsequently rejected when Big Oil attempts to deliver the vessel to its own sub-charterer, Best Shipping Ltd, under a sub-charterparty which had been entered into on similar terms.  Left with little alternative, Big Oil trades the M/T “ULTIMATE DREAM”.  During this period, the M/T “ULTIMATE DREAM” is involved in a collision whilst manoeuvring at anchorage  just outside Singapore waters.

Meanwhile, Aspiring Shipowner gets wind of rumours that the shipyard is on the verge of collapse.  Non-committal statements from the shipyard and reports from Aspiring Shipowner’s superintendents lead to Aspiring Shipowner’s confrontation with the shipyard and subsequent termination of the shipbuilding agreement and eventual call on the refund guarantee.  Proceedings are commenced.  The Vessel is eventually completed in December 2014 and, pursuant to a settlement agreement, delivered to Aspiring Shipowner.


Taking another leap into the future, we move into the end of the Vessel’s trading life.  Aspiring Shipowner plans to extend the useful lifespan of the Vessel by converting it into an FPSO.  The conversion works are contracted to another shipyard by Aspiring Shipowner’s managers.  The cost of the conversion works are financed by another bank loan to Aspiring Shipowner.

A series of disputes breaks out during the course of the conversion works.  Allegations are exchanged between Aspiring Shipowner (through their managers) and the shipyard regarding the interpretation of the design specifications.  Concurrently, Aspiring Shipowner discovers that the design specifications originally contracted for are insufficient to handle the envisaged product.  The consulting engineers who advised on the design specifications deny responsibility.

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