The Club's extensive range of loss prevention videos focus on specific aspects of the shipping industry and are based on trends noticed in the Club's claims data. Clips of each video are available below and DVD copies are freely available to Club Members. To get your copy, email the Loss Prevention team here.

Members can obtain copies of these books, pamphlets and other Club publications from the Loss Prevention Department by clicking here. 

No room for risk

No Room For Risk is a 14 minute video introduction to the Club’s highly successful risk management project. Aimed at helping Members focus on those causes of claims which cost them the most money, No Room for Risk explains the methodology behind the project and how it is being carried out by its team of senior risk assessors.

The Missing Link - Improving the mooring process

Ropes and wires cause the great majority of personal injuries. Most of these injuries occur during mooring operations. Mooring incidents also result in substantial claims for damage to ship and shore equipment. The Missing Link shows how to make mooring safer and how to prevent damage, step by step. Click here to see a clip of the DVD.

Counting the Cost

This video aims to increase awareness of the causes and the costs of major protection and indemnity (“P&I”) claims. Cargo losses collisions, pollution, damage to property and personal injury cost the shipping industry $2 billion each year.

The Mariner's Role in Collecting Evidence

Liability claims cost the shipping industry $2 billion each year. Successful defence of these claims depends on the quality of the evidence. The real-life examples in this video show why it is important to collect evidence and how to do it.

The video complements a Nautical Institute book, The Mariner’s Role in Collecting Evidence, also sponsored by the UK P&I Club and others. The Rt Hon. Lord Clarke, former Admiralty Judge and now Justice of the UK Supreme Court, says of the video:

“Courts depend upon evidence. Contemporary evidence is of the utmost importance. It is vital to make a note or report of any incident immediately – if possible while it is still in progress. Photographic or video evidence is of particular assistance to the judge or arbitrator in trying to establish the true facts. This video underlines that truth.”

Any Fool Can Stuff a Container

This video is essentially for shippers - the customers of the shipping lines who are normally responsible for packing the cargo and stowing it in containers. The keynote is: “It’s not surprising that many cargoes are ruined simply because they’re poorly packed in their containers. Shippers’ profits and goodwill get written off with them.” Click to watch a video clip

The DVD uses a series of five maritime scenarios to illustrate the root causes of human error. The incidents are reviewed in terms of the latent failure categories: procedures, hardware, design, maintenance, error enforcing conditions, housekeeping, incompatible goals, communication, organization, training and defences. Click to watch a video clip

With personal injury claims and costs rising, the Taking Care videos increase awareness among vessels' crews of personal injury incidents that can happen. The more specialised Taking Care (Cruise and Ferry) and Taking Care (Offshore) concentrate on passenger and oil rig personnel accidents. Click to watch a video clip

Cargo Matters Series

The Cargo Matters series of videos aims to increase awareness of the causes of P&I claims for cargo damage and loss. Below is a list of all the videos available in the series, by clicking on each link you can access a short clip.

Bulk Matters

Bulk Matters focuses on some of the most frequent causes of bulk cargo claims and how to avoid them. Click to watch a video clip

Container Matters

Container Matters focuses on some of the most frequent causes of container cargo claims and how to avoid them. Click to watch a video clip

Gas Matters

Gas Matters focuses on some of the most frequent causes of gas cargo claims and how to avoid them. Click to watch a video clip

Tanker Matters

Tanker Matters focuses on some of the most frequent causes of tanker cargo claims and how to avoid them. Click to watch a video clip

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