Loss prevention bulletins cover a vast range of topics and presently number over 1,000.

Signum Services are currently investigating a case involving large scale theft of cargo involving shipments of Yellow Peas and Rape Seed from Ukraine to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The US Coast Guard has issued an updated Safety Alert reminding Members of the recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones.

The Club has recently dealt with two identical serious arm injuries (Singapore and USA) caused during routine inspections and cleaning inside the main engine scavenge air receivers.

Further to our Bulletin 1113 we have received an update on the present political situation in the area.

The Club has been recently advised of frequent rain in Surigao, Philippines and unsafe, wet nickel ore cargo being presented for loading.

In December 2014 Signum Services circulated loss prevention advice concerning ‘invoice’ fraud (bulletin 1014 dated 24.12.16.) These types of crime continue to cause problems and it is worthwhile reminding members to be extra vigilant. Members are advised to ensure that these issues are brought to the attention of their accounts departments.

The Association was recently advised of a number of incidents of white powder deposits being found on food cargoes carried in refrigerated containers.

The Club would like to alert Members with ships entering Canadian waters that Transport Canada have issued a bulletin stating that marine safety inspectors have begun verifying compliance with the 0.1% sulphur content requirements for marine fuel used on vessels, subject to the North American Emission Control Area (NAECA) of the MARPOL Convention.

The Association was recently advised of an increase in the incidents of fines, imposed by the Immigration Authorities in Argentina.

In the near future (01 Sep to 30 Nov 2016), there are two big port state control (PSC) Concentrated inspection campaigns (CIC) that are going to be run in various parts of the world. Paris MOU is carrying out a CIC on MLC 2006 whereas many of the other MOUs will be carrying out a CIC on Cargo securing arrangements.

Loss Prevention Notices

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