In which countries/areas does the PEME Programme operate?

Australia, Bulgaria,Canada, Croatia, France, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States

How much does the average PEME examination cost?

There are variations between countries on the cost of the standard UK Club PEME Package. Please inquire direct with the PEME team for information on costs.

What tests are included as part of the standard examination?

The PEME Examination consists of:-

  • Personal details.
  • Full medical history, following a questionnaire completed by the seafarer and discussed with the examiner.
  • Full physical examination (to include an examination by a dentist where possible).
    • Height/Weight/BMI/Pulse/BP
    • Blood testing - including Hepatitis B, Full Blood Count, VDRL/RPR
    • Audiometry - required in deck/engine crew, and those who have an equivocal whisper test.
    • Vision test (including colour vision testing)
    • Lung Function
    • Urinalysis
  • Chest X-Ray *
  • Electrocardiogram *
  • Any further tests requested by the employing company and pre-agreed with the UK Club
  • Any vaccines required should be given, reference being made to current WHO guidelines, as well as appropriate lifestyle advice

n.b. HIV test and urine drug and alcohol screen only where required by the hiring company, and not in breach of local employment legislation.

* test to be conducted where clinically appropriate.

What other optional tests are available?

  • Drug and Alcohol screening.
  • Food handlers' screening for staff involved in the preparation or service of food.
  • HIV testing (no HIV test may be conducted in the USA or where otherwise prohibited by applicable law)..
  • Ultrasound (kidneys, bladder etc).
  • Psychological Screening.

Any other test requirements can be discussed with the UK P&I Club PEME Team.

What are the savings of the UK P&I Club PEME Programme?

Whilst it is difficult to be specific about the monetary benefits derived from the Programme, the Club managers have no doubt they are considerable. The average cost of an examination is $112.00 depending on the country. Examinations have cost $33 million saving members over $153 million in potential claims

What are the benefits of the Programme?

The Programme provides extensive money saving opportunities and reduces the volume and frequency of crew illness claims. These claims may be above or below the member's deductibles thus providing a saving for both the member and Club.

Other benefits include:

  • More clinics/more countries – than any other scheme
  • 19 successful years of experience – over 350,000 examinations completed
  • 55 clinics in 22 different countries and an extensive network of USA, Canada and Russia
  • Clinics are fully accountable to the Club and must uphold high standards.
  • UK P&I Club PEME Team handle all administrative duties including accreditation of new clinics, audit of existing facilities, review clinic performance etc
  • Independent medical audits of participating clinics
  • Reduced risk to other crew members and passengers onboard a vessel
  • Reduction in claims above and below the deductible
  • Efficient and high quality medical exams (physical and mental)
  • Screening crew before employment assures best/healthiest crewmen onboard
  • Most extensive and sophisticated crew screening programme in the industry
  • Medical Examination online authentication process.

How frequently should the PEME be performed?

The medical examination should be performed no more than two months prior to the anticipated date of joining a ship. Each certificate should be considered valid for a period of two years.

How frequently are the clinics audited?


The clinics are audited on average every two to four years. There is a clinic audit rota in operation.

Clinics in countries such as the Philippines and India, where there is a high volume of examinations being performed, are audited every two years. 

The existing clinic audit lasts between 3-4 hours at each clinic and includes a review of medical records and accreditations as well as an interview with staff and a tour of the facilities.

How many PEME examinations are conducted on average each year?


20,000 PEME examinations are performed annually by the accredited clinics.

What are the top 10 reasons for unfitness?

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