We were fortunate to have three Filipino PEME clinics visit the Crew Health team at the Club office in London on Monday. 

The updated ‘PEME Japan’ brochure offers a comprehensive guide and new information on the Club’s Pre-Employment Medical Examination Programme for Japanese Members.

Our PEME team held a 20th Anniversary dinner at the “Ziya” restaurant, Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai on Thursday 3rd November 2016.

We are committed to safety. Our high-level loss prevention programme is the most extensive in the industry. Our full-time, worldwide loss prevention team provides our Members with proactive and inclusive loss prevention support. The team provides technical and operational advice to Members as well as participating in crew seminars and training days.    

Earlier today the PEME team met with our Russian healthcare providers, AP Companies of Moscow to discuss and review the first year of PEME approval.

This Autumn, The UK P&I Club PEME & Loss Prevention team members are supporting various charities as a drive to live a healthier lifestyle.

Over the last 12 months, several cases of illness on Members’ ships indicate possible dehydration in the underlying health of the crew. 

Sophia Bullard, Crew Health Programme Director, recently met Bill Palmieri and Chris Palmieri of National Medical Systems in New Jersey.

The PEME team together with their accredited clinics provide advice and information on a range of illnesses affecting crew. The latest health focus from PEME and People Claims is on mental health issues on-board.

UK P&I Club PEME Programme are pleased to announce a new clinic to the approved clinic list, and new country of coverage, for crew medical examinations.

The UK Club recently sponsored the Health and Well-being Zone at IMO’s Day of the Seafarer held in Manila on 25th June 2016. The purpose of the event was to celebrate the great contribution made by seafarers. The...

UK P&I Club PEME Programme are pleased to announce a new clinic approval, and new country of coverage for crew medical examinations. 

Are your crew members getting enough sleep?A recent US study into sleep found that sleep deprivation is one of the main contributory causes of accidents. George Radu from our San Francisco office explains.

UK Club PEME Director, Sophia Bullard, and Michael Carroll of Signum Services, were recently in Portugal for an audit meeting with Ceniude Lda in Lisbon.

Dr Marcus Brauer, a General Practitioner from one of the Club’s PEME approved clinics in South Africa, provides valuable medical insight into one of the industry’s most concerning medical issues: diabetes.

The UK P&I Club PEME department are proud to be sponsoring the IMO Day of Seafarer Celebrations on 25th June 2016.

The UK P&I Club PEME Team would like to announce and congratulate all the team at the Andheri East branch of PEME approved Dr Belani’s Blue Shield Medical Clinic (BSMC), Mumbai, India for conforming to ISO 15189:2012, by Accreditation Commission for Conformity Assessment Bodies (ACCAB), effective 17 March 2016.

Hypertension is currently the second most frequent reason for PEME failure and the illness alone represents 8% of all unfit decisions.  Hypertension is a constant cause of crew illness incidents and can lead to heart disease, stroke, vascular dementia and chronic kidney disease. In 2014 it was estimated that Hypertension cost the NHS in the UK over £2 Billion in health care services and medications. 

With its team of risk assessors, the UK Club is in a unique position to gather data and target areas of risk onboard ship. Our Loss Prevention and PEME departments have identified all areas of major risks and for the first time compiled them together in one brochure. 

UK P&I Club auditors recently travelled to Holland to see some prospective medical clinics in The Hague and Amsterdam. 

UK P&I Club PEME Programme are pleased to announce coverage of the Club’s scheme will shortly be extended to include Russia. 

The UK P&I Club PEME Programme’s No Smoking posters are proving popular among its network of approved clinics, including Dr. Morana Wagner's practice in Split, Croatia.

The UK P&I Club will be supporting the Sailors’ Society Emotional Wellness training module within its Wellness at Sea coaching programme.

Angelus Medical Clinic, Inc., one of 9 UK P&I Club PEME approved clinics in Manila, has extended opening hours with effect from 9 January 2016. 

SuperCare Medical Services, Inc. branch in Iloilo City, Southern Philippines has recently been approved by the UK P&I Club PEME Programme. 

PEME’s No Smoking posters were received at the UK P&I Club PEME Programme’s approved clinics earlier this week.

In October the UK P&I Club PEME team supported the Annual “Stoptober” campaign to encourage people to give up smoking.  We are pleased to advise we have now produced a series of posters on the same theme.

The PEME and LP teams recently met with representatives from the International Seafarer Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) to discuss opportunities for collaboration on future projects.

The UK P&I Club PEME team recently said goodbye to internee Nicholas Hamatsos, who has spent the last 12 weeks with the PEME team in the London office.  Nicholas, on a year internship from Nottingham University, assisted with various projects during his time in PEME including analysis of claims data, clinic medical statistics and an update of marketing materials.  The team wish Nicholas well with his future placements and continued studies.

Our PEME brochure has been updated to reflect 2015/16.    

During October UK P&I Club PEME team members and auditors commenced their Autumn audit schedule.  The UK P&I Club approved PEME clinics in Singapore, Thailand, Australia and Croatia were subject to an inspection  in accordance with the Club’s audit rota. 

A new set of guidelines highlighting the definitive standards for all approved clinic's have been issued by the UK P&I Club PEME department.

This October the UK P&I Club PEME Programme team is supporting the “Stoptober” campaign to encourage people to stop smoking for up to 28 days… or beyond.

Dr. Glennda Canlas (of Halcyon Maritime Healthcare Systems Manila) recently visited the UK P&I Club PEME team at the London office.

The UK P&I Club PEME Team are pleased to announce further expansion to the Club’s extensive clinic network in Philippines.

The UK P&I Club PEME Team are very pleased to announce the latest addition to the clinic network in Philippines.

The UK P&I Club PEME team are pleased to announce the approval of Ceniude Lda located in Lisbon, Portugal. 

On January 20th 2015, one of our approved PEME Clinic’s Angelus Medical Clinic Inc. celebrated 25 years of medical service, providing pre-employment medical examinations (PEME) for overseas workers and seafarers. 

The UK P&I Club PEME Programme is pleased to announce the addition of the first UK Club approved clinic to be located in Greece.  Biodiagnostics Ltd has high quality technical equipment coupled with experienced and...

The UK P&I Club’s Pre-Employment Medical Examination Programme, the world’s leading scheme for assessing the fitness of prospective seafarers, has just completed its 300,000th examination.

The Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME) programme is the leading loss prevention initiative within the UK P&I Club. Clinics, which are approved under the programme, are held accountable to both the Club and Members for their performance.

The UK P&I Club PEME Programme is pleased to announce the addition of four new clinics to the network of approved medical facilities. Two new clinics have been added in New Delhi, the Paramount Diagnostic Center and...

At the beginning of December Dr Pedro de Guzman and Dr Jen Mendoza of Physician's Diagnostic Services Center Inc in Cebu and Dr Joselito de Guzman of Maritime Medical Laboratory Clinic in Manila visited the PEME team at the...

September 2013 UK P&I Club auditors have undertaken an extensive audit of our 14 existing clinic network in India. In addition the auditors visited selected prospective clinics with a view to potential development...

Dated 16 June 2013 The UK Club PEME Programme is pleased to announce the addition of their first Club approved clinic in Bulgaria. The "Black Sea Medical Centre" has newly built premises located in Varna with...

We are pleased to advise, the Blue Shield Medical Clinic (BSM) in Goa, India has recently been approved to the PEME Programme. 

The UK P&I Club PEME Programme team are pleased to congratulate Dr. AH Balaji of PEME approved clinic Balaji Medical Centre, Chennai, India on the successful completion of a Masters Degree in Maritime Health. 

Global Shipping Community honours Dr. Suresh Idnani at ILO - Geneva for “Outstanding Service to Seafarers’ Welfare” 12th December 2011, Geneva The winners...

The Poliklinika Pro Vita clinc in Rijeka, Croatia recently gained ISO 9001 accreditation from Bureau Verita.  Poliklinika Pro Vita was audited by the classification society in September and its management system was...

The PEME Programme team recently travelled to Gdansk, Poland to audit a number of medical clinics for possible inclusion in the UK P&I Club PEME Programme network.  Further news and developments in respect of...

The UK P&I Club’s Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME) Programme is proving extremely successful with shipowners and managers and recently completed its 250,000th seafarer examination.

This handy fact sheet outlines the benefits and scope fo the UK Club's Pre Employmernt Medical Examination (PEME) programme as well as providing a list of countrieswhere a PEME approved clinc can be found. 

PEME Programme Director Sophia Grant and Medical Auditor, Dr. Sally Bell, recently travelled to Athens, Greece to audit clinics for possible inclusion in the UK P&I Club PEME Programme clinic network.  In...

As a regular feature we would like to highlight one of our lesser known PEME approved clinics.  This time the spotlight falls upon the Centros Medicos Creu Blanca located in Barcelona, Spain.The Creu Blanca...

During the course of our pre-employment medical examinations we have observed that a larger subset of seafarers, specifically those working in engine rooms have abnormal...

CMETE in Paris has recently been approved to join the UK P&I Club PEME Programme network of approved clinics.

The UK P&I Club PEME Programme is pleased to announce the addition of a new clinic to the network of approved medical facilities in Croatia. Poliklinka "Glavic" located in Dubrovnik provides all required elements...

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