Self Assessment - reduce your claims, reduce your premiums

Our self assessment scheme will enable Members to use the Club’s historical claims data and expertise to review their own practical efforts to keep their ships safe.

Focusing on cargo, pollution, personal injury, collision and third party property claims, a simple and logical system will be provided to participating Members to assess the Controls that are in place on board their ships and to mitigate the various Threats that may be encountered. These are based on the Club’s long experience in dealing with over 12,000 serious claims over the past 20 years, where some 76 Threats have been identified as having been allowed to develop into an incident due to one or more of 450 Controls having failed.

  • Encourage a ship’s crew to take more pride in their professionalism, and their ship. (It is intended that a number of incentives, awards, certificates etc might be made available to encourage involvement and participation).
  • Meaningfully align with the Member's own safety onboard schemes, to further enhance these efforts.
  • Provide a participating company with regular updates on frequently found threats, and non-attributable hints and tips that could save suffering and claims.
  • Demonstrate a Member’s sense of corporate social responsibility and care for the safety of its workforce.
  • Contribute to a reduction of liability and resultant claims.

Sample pages. You can download a sample document here

You can also read our Q&A here.

For further information please download this PDF or contact our Loss Prevention Department on

+44 20 7204 2307

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