Name - Simon Keenan

I have been an Underwriter for the TT Club for the last 18 months. The TT Club is second largest Club managed by Thomas Miller.

Being a club is slightly different from what I was used to in my previous 4 years working within the wider General Insurance world. We don't have Clients or Insureds, we have Members. My job is to provide cover that meets our Members' requirements for their liabilities and physical risks, protecting their operations and assisting in the event of a loss. The areas I cover are the Southern and Eastern European regions along with Russia, so business trips to see members and brokers in these regions are a requirement of the job, luckily I'm fond of travel! As an Assistant Underwriter in my previous role I worked exclusively on UK Property risks, so coming to Thomas Miller gave me the opportunity to learn different classes of insurance and interact with people in different countries and cultures.

We work as part of a team, with one Senior Underwriter and one Technician and there is no such thing as a typical day. Due to the regions I cover, a lot of our business is conducted over the phone or email, however we do transact directly with some London Brokers. We have a book of business which we manage and aim to renew each year, 1st January being our busiest time as 60% of our members choose to renew their yearly insurance cover on that date (so forget going away somewhere sunny for New Year!). We grow the book by adding new members which can be long term prospects we have targeted or by brokers presenting us with a new risk and asking for terms. I rate the risk, deciding on a fair price based on the risk they would bring to the Club and offer terms. If the prospect likes our product and our price, we are likely to win that account.

I was recently involved in winning a sizable member for the Club, especially enjoying the negotiations with the broker, arranging placement of Facultative Reinsurance (ensuring we had enough reinsurance cover to protect ourselves, and for the best price) and finally binding the business. You get a real sense of achievement while contributing to the Club's, and the team's, bottom line when you see the premium you helped bring in hit the books.

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