Boards & Committees
The ultimate control of the Club and its affairs lies with the Boards of Directors of UK(Bermuda) and UK(Europe).  Decisions are taken at full Board meetings and it is not the practice of the Club to delegate the decision process to Committees of the Boards, save in exceptional circumstances.

The Boards of UK(Bermuda) and UK(Europe) have established a number of Committees which report back to the relevant Board for a decision to be taken.

UK(Europe) Directors
There are 11 Directors of UK(E). (The articles provide no less than 3 and not more than 15 Directors). Those eligible are:

  • a Director of UK(B)
  • a representative, employee or Director of the Managers or the Managers' agents OR
  • such other person as the Member and/or Director see fit

The composition of the Board of UK(E) is the Chairman, three Deputy Chairmen, three Member Directors, One Bermuda Director (with insurance/Reinsurance expertise), the Internal Audit specialist and the CEO and CFO of the Managers.

The Chairman is appointed by the Directors of UK(E) and under the UK(E) Terms of Reference will be the Chairman of UK(B).

UK(Bermuda) Directors
The Directors of UK(B), which is the holding company of the group, are usually 35 in number and are broadly representative of the Club membership geographically and by type of ship and size of fleet.  Traditionally, there are two Directors who are resident in Bermuda who have a specific expertise in insurance and reinsurance related matters.  The Bye-Laws require a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 35 Directors.

The criteria for a UK(B) Director is:

• The owner, agent or Director or a Member Company with 10,000 GT or more entered in the Club or
• a resident of Bermuda.

Under the Bye-Laws, Directors are obliged to retire upon attaining the age of 70 years or if they otherwise cease to be eligible for appointment.  Directors must retire after 3 years and may offer themselves for re-election.  As referred to in the Guidelines for selection and re-appointment of Directors (set out below), Directors normally serve on the Board of UK(B) for a maximum of twelve years.

Terms of Office for Chairman and Deputy Chairmen
Each year the Board of UK(B) normally elects a Chairman and Deputy Chairmen; there are currently three Deputy Chairmen.  The Board has stipulated that the maximum term of office of the Chairman shall be five years.  In 2003 the Board agreed guidelines for Deputy Chairmen to the effect that Deputy Chairmen should not normally serve a consecutive term in office in excess of six years; and the appointment of new Deputy Chairmen should if possible be staggered so that there is a degree of continuity.

The UK Club holds an annual general meeting at the same date and venue as its October Board meeting.

Among other business conducted at these meetings is the election of new Directors, re-election of existing Directors and changes to the Club cover as defined by its Rules and Bye-Laws.

Members wishing to vote at the AGM but who are unable to attend can file a proxy vote using the form provided in the UK (Bermuda) Bye-Laws.

UK (Europe) Directors

A.K. OlivierGrindrod Limited, Durban
H.V. FrancoHarley Marine Services, Inc, Seattle
O. GastHamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts Gesellschaft K.G, Hamburg
R.C. GillettHamilton, Bermuda
N.G.InglessisSamos Steamship Co., Athens
A.C. MargaronisDiana Shipping Inc, Athens
M. MorookaNippon Yusen Kaisha, Tokyo
N.H. SchüesReederei F. Laeisz GmbH, Hamburg
N.H.H. SmithStowmarket, UK
A. J. TaylorChief Financial Officer, Thomas Miller P&I (Europe) Ltd
P.A WoganGasLog Ltd, London
H. Wynn-WilliamsChief Executive Officer, Thomas Miller P&I (Europe) Ltd

UK (Bermuda) Directors

A.K.OlivierGrindrod Limited, Durban
O. GastHamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft K.G., Hamburg
N.G. InglessisSamos Steamship Co., Athens
M. MorookaNippon Yusen Kaisha, Tokyo
R.ChenWan Hai Lines Ltd, Taiwan
H.V. Franco.Harley Marine Services, Inc, Seattle
R.C GillettHamilton, Bermuda
A.C MargaronisDiana Shipping Inc, Athens
N.H. SchüesReederei F. Laeisz GmbH, Hamburg
A. SodergrenHamilton, Bermuda

Directors of The Members Committee

A.K.OlivierGrindrod Limited, Durban
T. AL JUNAIDIOman Ship Management Company S.A.O.C, Oman
Sheikh Talal Khaled Al Ahmad Al SabahKuwait Oil Tanker Co. S.A.K, Kuwait
E.N. AMBROSOVOAO Sovcomflot, Moscow
P. BAGHOldendorff Carriers GmbH & Co. KG, Lübeck
A. CHAOForemost Group, New York
R. CHENWan Hai Lines Ltd, Taipei
H.V. FRANCOHarley Marine Services, Inc, Seattle
A. FRANGOUNavios Maritime Holdings Inc, Piraeus
A.M. GIBSONRoyal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, Miami
I. GUNGENGüngen Maritime & Trading A/S, Ankara
P. HAJIOANNOUSafe Bulkers Inc., Athens
G. HENDERSON Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Ltd, London
E. LOUIS-DREYFUSLouis Dreyfus Armateurs S.A.S., Paris
A.C. MARGARONISDiana Shipping Inc, Athens
S. MESSINAGruppo Messina S.p.A, Genoa
N. MUKAEKumiai Senpaku Co., Ltd, Tokyo
M. NOMIKOSNomikos AM, Transworld SA
N. NUNESPetrobras Transporte S/A-Transpetro, Rio de Janeiro
D. OFERZodiac Maritime Limited, London
M.H. ROSSChevron Shipping LLC, San Ramon
N.H. SCHÜESReederei F. Laeisz GmbH, Hamburg
SUN JIAKANGChina COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, Beijing
N.P. TSAKOSTsakos Energy Navigation Limited, Athens
J.M VALKIERAnthony Veder Group, N.V Rotterdam
P.A WOGANGaslog Ltd, London
Y.C.YEEMISC Berhad, Kuala Lumpur
R. ZEIN Naftomar Shipping & Trading Co., Athens

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference UK Bermuda

Terms of Reference UK Europe

Terms of Reference MEMCO

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