We aim to help you manage your operational and compliance risk and prevent financial and reputational harm to your business through a variety of services and support.

Our risk management support is provided with the largest and most long established loss prevention department of all the Group clubs.  Their highly regarded in-depth knowledge and expertise is delivered to Members’ management, masters and crews through a wide range of loss prevention services and publications.

Their influential publications assist Members maintain quality standards of operation by giving formal advice on topics ranging from the safe carriage and handling of cargoes, maritime security issues, navigational and operational procedures and managing the human factor through to anecdotes sharing best practice in all areas of ship and cargo operations.

The Club’s own dedicated team of ship inspectors visit around 500 entered ships each year.  Collating and sharing the good practices observed from ships across one of the largest P&I clubs in the world they are well placed to suggest better maintenance and operational practices and improve risk awareness and encourage risk management practices on board.  In a recent study of bulk carriers by Intercargo, RightShip has indicated that UK Club entered vessels have one of the best records for low rates of Port State Control detentions.

Quality of service in claims and underwriting service plays a key role in maintaining our Members’ reputations.  Understanding both traditional and new risks ensures the appropriate cover is in place.  Expertise and experience in claims handling focuses on effective response at all levels of incident.  Dealing with problems promptly and fairly communicates professionalism in relationships with authorities, customers, charterers, even the media.

Ship inspection

Collating and sharing the good practices observed from ships across one of the largest P&I clubs in the world

Emergency Contacts

If you need to call our offices out of hours and at weekends, click After Office hours for a up to date list of the names of the Duty Executives and their mobile phone numbers. 

Ship Finder

This Ship Finder is updated on a daily basis. Members who need to advise the Club of updates to their recorded ships' details should advise their usual underwriting contact.