Claims Handling Procedures

Thomas Miller Americas is concerned to ensure that the Members and the Club obtain maximum value from suppliers of legal and other services. Our claims handling practices include an early case assessment with the TMA/Member/attorney and strategic budgeting of all major claims. We aim for efficient and responsive claims handling, with same day response to most enquiries. Teammail is the preferred and easiest means of reporting matters.

All formal claims communication such as notifications of claims must be between the TMA office and Member. Both TMA offices are able to process payments and claims reimbursements.

US East Coast, US Gulf, Great Lakes and Canadian East Coast

West Coast USA, West Coast Canada and Mexico

South America

Emergency contact

Thomas Miller Americas maintains permanent emergency duty mobile numbers which are:

  • New Jersey +1 201 315 1755
  • San Francisco +1 415 860 9712

We have recently reviewed our email security arrangements in an effort to reduce the volume of potentially fraudulent emails we receive.  A number of measures have been put in place to better validate the legitimacy of the email sender before allowing messages into our internal email system.  Included is the use of SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record validation. This gives positive proof that the email is from a legitimate domain associated with the sender company. In the unlikely event that you have not added an SPF entry to your domain record your messages will not pass this simple validation check and cannot be received into our email system. Please ask your usual Club contact if you would like our IT specialists to discuss with your IT department.


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