Correspondents App

Available on Apple and Android: The Correspondents app has contact details for the UK Club’s worldwide correspondents network. Search by Port or Country to find the local correspondent in the Club’s network.

Unlike the printed publication, the app will always have the latest contact details and port information available – ensuring that you get the right contact quickly, with no delays.

For those users who may not always have access to an internet connection, the app has been designed to work off line, and will automatically update when the device connects over Wi-Fi allowing the app to be used on board ship without an internet connection.

Download the App:

Search for UKPI Correspondents in the app store or use the links below to download.




MLC 2006 Checklist

Nearly 7500 people have downloaded the MLC app since it launched last year.

The ILO MLC Smartphone App aims to help owners, operators and crew comply with the Marine Labour Convention which comes into force in August 2013.  To help reduce the risk of non-compliance, this app serves as an interactive checklist that enables ship operators to view the requirements on the ILO MLC and check activities off as they are completed.  The ILO MLC App is available as a free download for iPhone, iPad, and Android.  


LLoyd's Register and the UK P&I Club have launched a new ISM & ISPS pocket checklist app. Users can now save multiple checklists, add essential notes and send the completed checklists via email.

Port State Control detentions due to ISM failures are becoming more common as the authorities are grouping deficiencies together to justify detaining the ship. The objectives of the Internationsal Safety Management (ISM) Code are to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, and avoidance of damage to the enviroment and property. The objectives of the ISPS Code are to ensure security of ships and port facilities. The company is responsible for implementing an effective safety and security management system to ensure these objectives are met. By doing this, the risk to the fleet can be minimised and avoid costly fines and Port State Control detentions.

With the new app, ships' crews and their managers will be able to view the requirements of ISM & ISPS legislation and check off key activities as and when they are completed.

The app is free and available for iOS, and Android devices


Hazcheck DGL Lite is a new free mobile app for those that need quick and easy access to IMDG Code information contained in the dangerous goods list.

The app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry and Android devices.  

This app is a quick reference tool for those involved in the transport and handling of dangerous goods by sea.

Simple interactive user interface for checking any entry in the IMDG Code dangerous goods list or index.

Type in the UN Number or initial letters of a chemical name referenced in the IMDG Code and this app will provide you with details on: 

  • class 
  • sub-risk (if applicable) 
  • packing group (if applicable) 
  • applicable labels for the substance or article

Useful lookup information on each of the hazard classes

Note: No network connection is required to access data supplied in this app, so it is accessible in any situation

The app can be downloaded from here.

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Currently around 1,200 individuals follow the UK Club's Twitter feed - @UKPandI .  All our new content items are ‘tweeted’ as soon as they are published so that those followers  are immediately alerted with a short message summarising the content and a clickable link straight to that page.  Many regular readers find this a useful timesaving feature, rather than repeatedly visiting the site to see what is new.  Content can also be ‘retweeted’ to colleagues and friends to view as well.

Alternatively, the UK Club's LinkedIn page now provides a forum for topical P&I issues which the Club has commented on via this website or other publications.

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Our podcasts of various P&I related topics can be downloaded here for replay on smartphones, MP3 players and other portable devices.

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