With its team of risk assessors, the UK Club is in a unique position to gather data and target areas of risk onboard ships.

当クラブでは、最近、補油作業中や燃料油移送中の漏油事故が増加しています。 今回のRisk Focusでは、燃料油に関連する作業の安全性をどのように保つかについてのガイダンスをお伝えしています。
The UK Club has teamed up with experts in forensic investigation, Burgoynes,  to produce the latest Risk Focus on Engine Room Fires. Engine room fires are one of the most common fires on ships owing to the presence of a wide range of sources of fuel, sources of ignition and running machinery. An extended period of time on board a ship without a fire incident can lead to complacency and a failure to prioritise fire prevention measures and simulated fire incident practices.
The UK Club has teamed up with coating consultants Safinah to produce the latest Risk Focus publication on paint.
The UK Club’s Loss Prevention department, together with Hellenic War Risks and Terra Firma Risk Management, have produced a guide for seafarers, which explores the background of Piracy and armed robbery and explains what happens during a kidnap. It also provides some insight into the training available for shipping companies and crews.
With its team of risk assessors, the UK Club is in a unique position to gather data and target areas of risk onboard ship. Our Loss Prevention and PEME departments have identified all areas of major risks and for the first time compiled them together in one brochure. 

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