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Date: 12/03/2019
3月8日、英国海事裁判所の判決(ALIZE 1954 &  CMA CGM SA v  ALLIANZ ELEMENTAR VERSICHERUNGS AG AND OTHERS [2019] EWHC 481 (Admlty))は、航海士による慎重な航海計画の策定がいかに重要であるかについて明らかにしました。

Liability covers

海事業界のテクノロジーへの依存が高まるにつれ、サイバー・インシデントに対する脆弱性が問題となっています。サイバーリスクは業界のあらゆる部門に影響を与える存在です。サイバーリスクは電子システムやネットワークの不備・不能から生じる損失、損害あるいは破壊リスクと定義することができます。 サイバーリスクはどのように発生し、P&I保険はそれにどう対応できるのでしょうか。本パンフレットでは、サイバーリスクとP&Iカバーについて、Q&A形式にてご紹介しています。
The Crew Health programme is the leading loss prevention initiative within the UK P&I Club. Clinics, which are approved under the programme, are held accountable to both the Club and Members for their performance.
Information and documentation required to efficiently handle your claim. 
We are committed to safety. Our high-level loss prevention programme is the most extensive in the industry. Our full-time, worldwide loss prevention team provides our Members with proactive and inclusive loss prevention support. The team provides technical and operational advice to Members as well as participating in crew seminars and training days.
A properly laid up ship reduces P&I risks and after lay up the Club will return a portion of Calls to reflect the reduced risk.
This note is designed for shipowners and their brokers to outline the P&I coverage of their ships during towage to a repair yard.
Our charterers product responds to both, whether operational or catastrophe liabilities, with high levels of cover. It includes those risks specific to charterers as well as those covered by conventional P&I.
Trader, bank or commodity house: whatever shipping terms or contracts you use, involvement in marine transport means you are exposed to liabilities. Our experience and expertise will help you manage your risk cost-effectively.
In the container trades, major shippers' service contracts may contain terms more onerous than the traditional Hague/Visby standard and these usually prejudice Members' P&I insurance. ECC can insure the additional liability assumed by the Member.




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