Legal Alert: 上海MSAは、上海港に航行・停泊および運行する船舶の監視及び管理に関する、暫定的ガイドラインの改訂版を公表しました

Legal Alert: 上海MSAは、上海港に航行・停泊および運行する船舶の監視及び管理に関する、暫定的ガイドラインの改訂版を公表しました


China ECA: Shanghai MSA publishes revised interim Guidelines on the Supervision and Administration of Ships Navigating, Mooring and Operating in the port of Shanghai

As from 1 October 2018, ships navigating and operating within the Shanghai port area have to use fuel with a sulphur content of no more than 0.5% mm. The Shanghai MSA has published revised interim Guidelines on the Supervision and Administration of the waters under its jurisdiction (“Guidelines”). The Guidelines are applicable from 1 October 2018 to 31 December 2018 and comprises of eight chapters, namely General Provisions, Monitoring and Surveillance of Exhaust Gas from Sailing Ships, Onboard Inspection, Supervision and Administration of Alternative Measures, Immunity and Exemption, Administration of Oil Supply Operation, Legal Responsibility and Supplementary Provisions together with six Annexes. An English translation of the Guidelines has been received from the Chinese law firm of Hai Tong & Partners, Shanghai, and the same is attached herewith.

Members are also referred to the following link for the Shanghai MSA’s map of the port area and waters of Shanghai Port within the scope of the ECA requirements;

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