The Club continues to monitor the ongoing state of affairs in the Ukraine and Crimea closely. At present the situation remains in the balance pending the result of the general referendum on the future status of Crimea, to be held on the16th March 2014.
On 28th April the United States Government expanded the scope, and application of Executive Order (E.O.) 13661. In a statement, released to the press on 28th April, the US Department of the treasury stated that:  “E.O....
EU passed regulation prohibiting imports of goods originating fro the Crimea into the EU. Regulation 692/2014 prohibits provision of financial assistance, as well as insurance and reinsurance related to the import of such goods. 
EUは、ロシアによるクリミア及びセバストーポリ編入に対し、2014年6月23日付でEU理事会規則(Council Regulation (EU) No 692/2014、以下、同規則)を発し、クリミア又はセバストーポリで産出された物品の輸入及びこれらの輸入に係る保険・再保険の提供をはじめ、資金提供や経済援助について、直接的・間接的を問わず、禁止する経済制裁を発動しました。

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