400 - 02/05 – Pollution Fines - Turkey

From 1st January 2005 the level of fines imposed by the Ministry of the Environment in Turkey for pollution are:

a).  Dirty ballast discharged by tankers up to and including 1,000 GRT – Turkish Lire 16,229.00 (approx US$12,145.00) and dirty ballast discharged from tankers between 1,000-5,000 (inclusive) GRT – Turkish Lire 32,457.00 (approx US$24,289.00). Dirty ballast discharged by tankers over 5,000 GRT – Turkish Lire 162,286.00 (approx US$121,444.00).

b).  Any pollutant in liquid or solid form discharged from any ship including tankers and dirty ballast from ships other than tankers:

1.  Up to 18 GRT – Turkish Lire 938.00 (approx US$702.00)

2.  From 18 GRT (inclusive) and 1,000 GRT (inclusive) – Turkish Lire 16,229.00 (approx US$12.145,00).

3.  Above 1,000 GRT – Turkish Lire 32,457.00 (approx US$24,289.00).

Approx US dollar equivalence based on currency exchange rate 03 January 2005

(1, 00 USD = 1, 3363 YTL).

Repeat Offences:

Article 23 - In case of reoccurrence of the acts stated in the articles 20,21,22 ( of the Turkish Environment Code No: 2872) penalties are charged one time more the original penalty for these acts. 

Although there is no time limitation stated in the article and/or any other form of Laws/regulations, the Authority in practice applies a 5 year period for repeated pollution offences.

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