585 - 6/08 - Update: Movement of Dangerous Goods during the Olympic Games - China

Date: 19/06/2008

With shipping lines becoming anxious over ambiguous special requirements during the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the Club’s local correspondent has collated the following information:

“Carriage of Hazardous Cargo

Monitoring of the movement of hazardous cargoes will certainly be heightened, and the shipping of a number of specified hazardous commodities to most Chinese ports will not be allowed during a defined time period. 

Loss Prevention Bulletin 581 alerted Members to a notice issued by the Shanghai MSA on 20 May 2008, the main points of which are quoted below:

1. During the period 15 June 2008 to 10 October 2008 monitoring of the safe carriage of hazardous cargo by sea, as well as anti-pollution activities, will be enhanced.

2. During this period, vessels carrying hazardous cargo should follow the requirements outlined in Shanghai MSA Notice No. 275 (2005) which concerns the safe carriage of hazardous liquid goods in bulk by sea, including regulations with regard to the control of age and type of ships. Vessels are also required to fulfil necessary convoy measures.

3. During the period 20 July to 31 August 2008 the following restrictions shall apply

a. Approval will not be given for any of the following operations:

i. Entry and operation of ships carrying radioactive, explosive, or toxic cargo

ii. Hold cleaning with crude oil in port

iii. Lustrating air operations in port.

b. Precautionary control will be carried out on ships carrying hazardous liquid goods in bulk.

Ships requiring entry into port during the restriction period, carrying hazardous liquid cargoes in bulk other than those classed as radioactive, explosive, or toxic, will be allowed entry/exit under close monitoring by the MSA and with strict compliance with regulatory measures. Such vessels can only expect approval for entry and exit during the restriction period if the cargo owners and related port operation organisations submit, in writing to the MSA, the movement schedule, emergency contact list, and precautionary plan for the ship before 15 July 2008.

Application forms for the movement schedule and emergency contact list can be downloaded from the Shanghai MSA website www.shmsa.gov.cn. The forms are to be submitted either in writing and accompanied by an electronic copy on disk in MS Excel format, or by email to wfc@shmsa.gov.cn.

4. Ships and relevant organisations should comply with the above mentioned regulations, adjust transportation and production schedules, and be well prepared for emergencies. If the loaded hazardous cargo is indeed urgently needed for the national economy or human livelihood, a special application should be submitted well beforehand to Shanghai MSA. Such applications will only allow a ship entry and exit of the port after approval.

Although no similar official notice has been seen in respect of other ports, we have found the following information on many shipping websites, and therefore quote it as follows for your reference only without assuring its reliability:

In order to ensure safety of port operations of hazardous cargo during the Olympics, from 16 July to 31 August the following ports will not allow the operation of some hazardous cargo and restrict the passing through of the same:

For the ports of Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Dalian, Xingang/Tianjin, restricted cargoes are as follows:

· Class 1, class5.2, and class 7.

· Class 2.3 cargoes with UN number 1008, 1749, 1911, 2188, 2417, 2548, 3162, 1017, 2190, 2420, 1026, 1045, 1067, 1076.

· Class 3 cargoes with UN number 1090, 1091, and any cargo that contains “acet.” in its formula.

· Class 5.1 cargoes with UN number 1942, 2067, 2426, 3375 and any cargo that contains “NH4NO3” in its formula.

· Class 5.1(8) cargoes with UN number 1511, 2014, 2051 and any cargo that contains “hydrogen peroxide” in its formula.

· Class 6.1 cargoes with UN number 1051, 1135, 1238, 1320, 1510, 1561, 1611, 1092, 1143, 1239, 1348, 1541, 1570, 1624, 1093, 1163, 1244, 1380, 1544, 1575, 1625, 1098, 1182, 1251, 1545, 157, 1629, 1185,  1259, 1553, 1580, 1634, 1194, 1554, 1585, 1636, 1556, 1588, 1638, 1559, 1595, 1641, 1560, 1598, 1649, 1651, 1689, 1701, 1809, 1911, 2025, 1654, 1692, 1704, 1810, 1921 2026, 1670, 1695, 1707, 1837, 1994, 2027, 1674, 1697, 1714, 1868, 2029, 1678, 1698,  1730, 1886, 2078, 1680, 1749, 1687, 1751, 1754, 2232, 2334, 2404, 2501, 2629, 2745 2810, 2249, 2337, 2411, 2567, 2630, 2751, 2811, 2267, 2378, 2471, 2570, 2642, 2757 2862, 2284, 2381, 2480, 2588, 2644, 2761, 2873, 2382, 2487, 2646, 2771, 2493, 2649 2779, 2671, 2783 , 2786, 2788, 2923, 3018, 3146, 3246, 2927, 3027, 3155, 3249, 2929, 3079, 3288, 2966, 3086, 3290.

· Carriage of other commodities in Class 6.1 other than the above should be submitted to MSA for approval in advance.

· Class 8 cargoes with UN number 1830, 1831, 1832, 2796 and any cargo that contains “vitriol” in its formula.

· UN number 2031, 2032 and any cargo that contains “nitric acid” in its formula. UN number 1789, 1790 and any cargo that contains “hydrochloric acid” in its formula.

· Class 9 cargoes with UN number 2071.


The Security level of Qingdao is very likely to be heightened, but the security level of most ports will remain unchanged. However, no official information in this respect has been released.

However, security supervision will surely be enhanced at every port according to discussions with local authorities. For example, at Tianjin, although crew landing applications procedures will remain unchanged, both seaman certificates and passports will have to be submitted in advance. At Guangzhou, strict comprehensive inspections will be conducted, and all ships will be subject to a strict PSC inspection.

Special situations at Qingdao

Because the sailboat games will mainly be held around Qingdao waters, Qingdao MSA issued a Special Notice dated 06 June 2008, quoted as follows:

Before conclusion of the Olympic Games, Qingdao MSA will:

· Enhance pilotage safety

· Fight against illegal sailing

· Continue to strengthen sailing safety during fog season, i.e. strictly carry out transportation restriction measures during foggy conditions by increasing the distance between any two vessels, forbidding surpassing and implementing one-way sailing, etc.

· Enhance the monitoring of the carriage of hazardous cargo, heighten submission and approval procedures and penalties

· Enhance the monitoring of ship communication order and heighten inspection on the communication watch of arriving ships to ensure communications are always kept in order

· Enhance safety inspections and urge the improvement of ships with poor management, technical condition of poor crew equipment, and detain ships with serious problems

· Enhance on-site inspections and supervision, and punishing for illegal acts such as overloading and insufficient manning

· Adopt heavy penalties for acts that break regulations and laws before conclusion of the Olympic Games.

A local newspaper also reported the following on special measures on sailing supervision:

During the sailboat games, Shandong MSA will adopt strict supervision measures such as restricting vessel flow, sailing speed, vessel type, sailing time and area etc to monitor the ships arriving and departing Qingdao.

During the games, MSA at all ports should conduct comprehensive inspections to ships departing for Qingdao before sailing, in order to ensure the safety of ships arriving at Qingdao.

During the Games, Qingdao MSA will conduct long-distance control over ships sailing around Qingdao waters, set up supervision stations on the course to Qingdao port, and have patrol vessels to assist the transportation on site. At the same time, MSA officers, Frontier Guard and anti-terrorist experts will be arranged to examine the security information of ships, and scrutinising suspect ships and ships that carry hazardous cargo, through information exchange with the arriving ships.

Suspect ships will be reported to public security and the frontier guard in time following relevant procedures.

Ships that break into the course by force will be headed off.

The above five restriction measures, when actually adopted, will be noticed to relevant parties in advance and managed appropriately, so that container lines, tanker lines and cargo transportation will not be affected.

Additionally, salvage/wreck removal forces will be enhanced and oil pollution emergency action will be ready to be activated.”

Members likely to be affected by the temporary requirements are strongly encouraged to liaise closely with their agents, in order to obtain the most up to date official information. Timely organisation and action is likely to result in smooth operations at the time of the restriction period.

Source of information: 

Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd.

Tel: +86 10 6657 6588

Email: pni.bj@huatai-serv.com

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