694 - 05/10 - Loading Stores - Worldwide

Date: 13/05/2010

The Association would like to advise Members of an incident onboard an entered ship recently where stores were being loaded incorrectly.

The incident in question occurred whilst a vessel was loading paint from the quayside. During the operation it was noticed that a pallet should have been used instead of loading drums directly into a cargo net.

During loading the drums came open and were damaged and as a result paint spilled out but fortunately there was no one underneath the load. If the paint or one of the drums had fallen, one of the crew could have been seriously injured or killed. It is vitally important that, when loading stores an officer or experienced member of the crew supervises the operation so that bad practice and potentially dangerous situations can be avoided. Following the incident, a pallet was used.

Source of information: 

Captain Les Hesketh FNI

UK P&I Club Ship Inspector

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