732 - 12/10 - New Inspection Regime - Paris MOU

The introduction of the NIR see the Paris MOU port state authorities change their target of inspecting 25% of individual ships calling at each member State to a shared commitment for full coverage of inspecting all ships visiting ports and anchorages within the Paris MOU region as a whole.

The Target Factor will be replaced by the Ship Risk Profile. The Ship Risk Profile classifies ships into Low Risk Ships (LRS) and High Risk Ships (HRS). If a ship is neither Low Risk or High Risk it is classified as Standard Risk Ship (SRS). 

The company performance criteria for the calculation of the Ship Risk Profile is a new parameter in the Paris MOU. The Paris MOU has established a formula which takes into consideration the deficiencies and detentions in the last 36 months of the company’s fleet, based on the IMO company number and compares it to the average of all vessels inspected in the Paris MOU to determine the performance level. The companies will be ranked into very low, low, medium and high. Any Refusal of Access (Ban) will have a negative impact on the ranking of the company which will then be subject to more in-depth and more frequent inspections. 

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Paris Memorandum of Understanding


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