743 - 02/11 - Asian Gypsy Moth high risk period - Canada

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has advised that the Asian Gypsy Moth
high risk period for Canada will start on 1 March 2011.

All vessels that have called at high-risk ports (in Russia, Japan, China & Korea) during the period June-December 2010 will not be permitted to enter Canada unless they have a Phytosanitary Certificate or are inspected at the entrance to Canadian waters.

If any sign of Asian Gypsy Moth is found during inspection, the vessel will be rejected and not allowed to enter Canadian waters during the country’s high risk period, from 1 March to 15 October 2011.
The high-risk ports in Asia are as follows:

Kosmino; Nakhodka; Ol’ga; Plastun; Pos’yet; Russkiy Island.

Aichi; Akita; Aomori; Chiba; Ehime; Fukui; Fukuoka; Fukushima; Hachinohe; Hakodate; Hannan; Horoshima; Hokkaido; Hyogo; Ibaraki; Ishikawa; Iwate; Kagaw; Kagoshima; Kanagawa; Kobe; Kochi; Kumamoto; Kyoto; Mie; Miyagi; Miyazaki; Niigata; Oita; Okayama; Ooita; Osaka; Otaru; Saga; Sakata; Shimane; Shimizu; Shizuoka; Tokushima; Tokyo; Tomakomai; Tottori; Toyama;
Wakayama; Yamagata; Yamaguchi;

All ports in northern China, including all ports north of Shanghai.

All ports.

For Members convenience a list of Recognized Sources of Phytosanitary Certificates and Pre-departure Inspection Certificates as given on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is copied below;
List of Recognized Sources of Phytosanitary Certificates and Pre-departure Inspection Certificates
Phytosanitary Certificates issued by the NPPO of Russia and the Republic of Korea.
A Pre-departure Inspection Certificate is an approved certificate if issued by the China Certification and Inspection Co. Ltd. in the People's Republic of China.
  All Nippon Checkers Corporation (ANCC)
  The Japan Cargo Tally Corporation (JCTC)
  Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Co., Ltd. (JEVIC)
  Japan Grain Inspection Association (JGIA)
  Nippon Kaiji Kentei Kyokai (NKKK)
  Shin Nihon Kentei Kyokai (SNKK)
  Hokkaido Bouekikunjyo Co. Ltd. (HBKC)
  Kanto Fumigation Co. Ltd. (KFCO)
  Kobe Plant Quarantine Association (KOBEPQA)
  Keiyochiku Plant Quarantine Association (KPQA)
  Kyoritsu Sanitary Co. Ltd. (KRS)
  Muroran & Tomakomai Plant Quarantine Association (MTPQA)
  Nikkun Co. Ltd. (NCL)
  Okayama-Ken Plant Quarantine Association (OKYPQA)
  Osaka Plant Quarantine Association (OPQA)
  Osaka Timber Quarantine Association (OSKTQA)
  Techno Kasei Co. Ltd. (TKL)
  Tokai Plant Quarantine Association (TOKAIPQA)
  Tokyo Plant Quarantine Association (TPQA)
  Yokohama Plant Protection Association (YPPA)

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