Although committed to best practice in claims handling, the UK Club has long believed it is better to prevent incidents happening in the first place.

The UK Club provides its Members with proactive and inclusive loss prevention support.

A full-time loss prevention team researches other issues providing technical and operational advice to Members. They focus on avoiding incidents and the corresponding financial, and possibly human loss that can occur. 

Topical information is supplied in the form of Loss Prevention Bulletins.  They report the latest news arising on issues such as Port State Control, container security, stowaways, illegal exports and other localised cargo problems.

Much of the information is derived from the expertise and daily experiences of the Club’s ship inspectors.  The “Good/Bad Practice” posters give snappy illustrations of potential hazards they have observed on board ships and how they can be avoided.  Members who have received an inspection visit can benchmark how their ships performed against others of that type in the Club.


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