In October the UK P&I Club PEME team supported the Annual “Stoptober” campaign to encourage people to give up smoking.  We are pleased to advise we have now produced a series of posters on the same theme.

Good/Bad Practice Posters

The posters are designed to draw your attention to everyday occurrences, as witnessed primarily by the UK P&I Club ship inspectors. Some of the photos illustrated under the title "Bad Practice" are not necessarily bad, but when compared to the "Good Practice" photo, it is clear that improvements could and/or should be made. Conversely, some of them can be considered as "Bad Practice" and should clearly be discontinued.

Including: Grinders, Liferafts, Twistlocks, Steering gear, Twistlocks, Sounding pipes and many more.

Including: Galley hygeine, Galley attire, Moorings, Pilot ladders, Hatch coamings, Security, Rat-guards, Bulldog-grips and more.

Including: Access control, Security equipment, Anti-piracy, EEBD, Deck lights, Engine-room waste, Compass and more.

Including: Enclosed lifeboat launching, Fire doors, Container top safety, Admiralty corrections, Pilot ladders and many more.

Including: Steel coils, Timber deck cargo, Bagged sugar, Buoyancy aids, Safe access, Flash arrestors and Enclosed spaces.

Including: Safe stairs, Security cameras, Lifting, Food preparation, Portable winch handles, Passenger swimming pools, ER escape, Glass doors and more.

This poster accompanies the UK P&I Publication How to Comply with MARPOL Annex V

Loss Prevention Notices

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