Signum's extensive experience of responding to criminal attacks upon shipowners assets and personnel has covered every sector of shipping and nearly every major maritime port. In just these past eighteen months, the Signum team have responded to the following incidents.

  • Fraud involving non existent shipment of copper - Syria
  • Murder of ship's master - Belgium
  • Criminal gangs smuggling drugs on container ships - Caribbean
  • Security testing of container seals - UK
  • Arson on board cargo vessel - at sea
  • Suicide of crew member - at sea
  • Theft of cargo of computer printer cartridges - Brazil
  • Corruption in wreck removal - Indonesia
  • Serious assault on female crew member by colleague - at sea
  • Fraudulent injury claims by passengers - U.S
  • Fraudulent injury claims by crew - Latvia

From time to time, the Signum team encounters criminal activity which may be sufficiently widespread to affect other Members.  A letter or other bulletin is prepared for circulation and also published on the UK Club website.

Some of our earlier bulletins are listed below:

Reports produced by Signum

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