Frequently Asked Questions

Setup & Security

How do I get the iPANDI app?

iPANDI can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or iTunes.
What devices can use iPANDI on ?

iPANDI is designed for use only on iPads using iOS 5.0 or later. It is free to download, but your network provider may charge you for downloading and using the application. You will be responsible for these charges.

How do I access my entry information ?

iPANDI requires a licence key to access your member information.  Get in touch with your usual underwriting contact to obtain a licence key for the app.

I have a licence key, how do I login ?

Once the licence key has been installed on the app, iPANDI will remember your name.  However, it will require you to enter your password each time you open iPANDI.

I have forgotten my password. What can I do ?

The UK Club and UK Defence Club maintain confidentiality and data security by insisting on a verification process for individual access to member information.  If you have lost or forgotten your password contact the underwriting department without delay to change your password.

Is iPANDI available for other devices ?

The app is designed for the iPad only.


My display won’t rotate from landscape to portrait when I move the iPad.

Landscape format is the best available format for displaying the tables and charts.  The display in iPANDI has been locked to this format.

How large is the file size of the data download ?

Individual member records are very small and quick to download, even when setting up the initial full download of account information and documentation. Subsequent downloads provide the new and revised information and can be downloaded within a minute via either WifFi or 3G connections.  If your download is interrupted, simply restart iPANDI to reload the data update.

Downloads are queued on a "first-in first-out" order and are usually processed swiftly.  You can continue working with iPANDI whilst your downloads are in progress.

Do I need to stay connected to the internet to view my member information ?

As soon as your account information has downloaded it is available to view anywhere with no need for internet connection.

I have a problem with my iPad

The UK Club and UK Defence Clubs have developed this app with the help of a third party developer.  It does not provide any technical support or other services for iPads. If you are experiencing technical problems, please contact Apple support directly to rectify any iPad-specific issues not relating to iPANDI.

Entry Information & Content

I think my information is out of date, how do I update it ?

iPANDI will change the download status to indicate an update is available.  To perform an update, you can either tap the Synchronise button ( which will queue updates for all outdated downloads ) or go to the individual Member Summary screen and tap the Update button, iPANDI needs a network connection in order to perform updates.

The data displayed on my entry looks wrong, what should I do ?

Your information may be out of date.  If your iPad does not have a network connection via WiFi or 3G, it is unable to update the information.  Check your Settings area to ensure you have obtained a network connection and then follow the update procedure mentioned above.

If the information still appears incorrect error please call your usual underwriting contact, or if appropriate your broker contact, to clarify the details displayed.

The cover documentation on my ship(s) entry is incorrect, what should I do ?

The documents displayed on iPANDI are identical to the master documents held in Underwriting Online.  If you spot an error please call your usual underwriting contact, or if appropriate your broker contact, without delay to clarify the details displayed.

I am a broker but I cannot see all my clients’ information, what should I do ?

The account information displayed on iPANDI is uniquely tailored to the individuals within broking firms.  In the first instance, please contact your broking manager to ensure permission to access certain client’s information has been agreed.  If you are unable to view information which you are authorised to access, please call your usual underwriting contact at the Club.

How long can I keep my downloaded information ?

The last information update to iPANDI kept permanently on the iPad until a further update is received.  Always ensure your iPad and your iPANDI password is kept safe to prevent unauthorised access to downloaded data and documents.


Technical enquiries

For any general technical enquiries regarding this app please email:

Underwriting department enquiries

If you have a query about any of the information displayed on iPANDI in relation to your entry with the UK P&I Club or UK Defence Club, please call or email your usual underwriting contact.

If you need to contact the UK Club out of office hours, you may find a local representative in your region more convenient.  Check here for the out of office contacts for the Club in the different international regions.

iPandi updates

When we update iPandi a notification is listed here as well as an update appearing in your iTunes account.

There are no updates to the iPandi app at present


営業時間外や週末にUK P&Iまでご連絡される際は、"After Office hours"をクリックしていただき、最新の担当者リストとその携帯電話番号をご参照ください。



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