Optional Covers for Additional Exposures

1. Cargo owners and traders liabilities

Our charterers product can extend to P&I and DTH liabilities you may incur as owner of the cargo on board.

2. Charterers Bunkers

Bunkers are a valuable property which is at risk of total loss due to maritime accidents.

3. Charterers Freight

Our charterers product can include the freight or hire you are due from sub-charterers.

4. Blocking and Trapping

Our product can include your daily time charter hire payments due despite a marine accident or obstruction.

5. Extended Cargo Cover

Cargo service contracts often need similarly tailored cover the match the more onerous liabilities they impose.

6. Third Party Contracts

Charterers required to sometimes required to enter into contracts which impose on them a liability irrespective of fault, or which contain terms more onerous than “knock for knock”. Strict liability can be imposed by a service contract, or when contracting with stevedores, tugs, bunker suppliers or terminals.


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