In 350 ports of the world, on-the-spot help and local expertise is always available to Members, and to the masters of their ships, from the Club's 460 correspondents.

The network includes regional offices of the managers in New Jersey and Hong Kong as well as London. The office in New Jersey handles claims arising in the US east coast and Canada, while the offices in San Francisco covers part of North and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. These offices also support the many claims handled by other US correspondents.

In addition the managers have offices in Piraeus, Tokyo (a branch owned by the Club), Beijing, Shanghai (both representative offices) and Singapore.

A searchable database of our correspondents details is maintained on this website.  The details are continuously updated to ensure accuracy.  - List of Correspondents

Regular contact details for all the Club offices and staff found in the Making Contact section of this website, including biographical details.

Emergency & after office hours (AOH) contacts are posted on this website.  Individual duty executives are assigned to every location on a weekly rotation which can be found here –> Emergency & AOH Contacts


営業時間外や週末にUK P&Iまでご連絡される際は、"After Office hours"をクリックしていただき、最新の担当者リストとその携帯電話番号をご参照ください。