On the 29th September 2020 the ICS published the attached guidelines for ship operators for protecting seafarers during Covid-19, this publication has been supported by the International Group. Within the publication:

  • Introduction 
  • Port Entry Restrictions 
  • Shipboard Measures to Address Risks Associated with COVID-19 
  • Managing Cases of COVID-19 On Board Ship When at Sea 
  • Assistance for all Seafarers to Access Medical Care in Ports 
  • Other Medical Issues during COVID-19 
  • Annex A Posters 
  • Annex B Sample Crew/Passenger Locator Card 
  • Annex C Sample Crew/Passenger Health Self-Declaration Form 
  • Annex D Recommended WHO COVID-19 Support and Logistics Supplies List, with Availability Advice Provided by IMHA 
  • Annex E How to Make Non-Medical Masks 
  • Annex F Interim Guidance on the Use of Masks in the Context of COVID-19 
  • Annex G Measures to Enhance Mental Health and Wellbeing 
  • Annex H Ability for Seafarers to Renew Prescriptions 
  • Annex I Decision Making for On Board Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 Cases 
  • Annex J PCR Testing Procedures Matrix 

The full publication can be downloaded below. 


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