UKクラブ - メンバーに支持を得て保険更改

本日、UKP&Iクラブは、2019年度保険更改について、質の高い船舶の増加により良好な保険更改となったことを発表しました。当クラブの所有船加入トン数(mutual owned tonnage) は、年間で540万総トン増加し1億4400万総トンを超え、さらに今年度中に330万総トンの追加付保が合意されています。今保険更改では既存船舶の99%が継続されました。用船者リスクの加入船舶は約1億トンです。

The UK P&I Club ("The UK Club"), one of the leading shipping protection and indemnity mutual insurers, today announces its renewal results for 2019.

The Club had a good renewal achieving growth by attracting quality tonnage. The Club's mutual owned tonnage now stands at over 144  million gross tons, a net increase of 5.4 million gross tons of mutual business over the year.

  • Mutual tonnage at the start of the new policy year is 144.3 million gt
  • A further 3.3 million gt committed to the Club, at agreed rates, as part of renewal negotiations
  • 99% of the existing entered ships renewed
  • Chartered tonnage remains around 100 million gt

Andrew Taylor, Chief Executive of Thomas Miller P&I, says:

"The UK Club and its Board greatly appreciates the continuing commitment of the membership and the support of the insurance broking community during the 2019 renewal. We are pleased that the Club's high standards of service and commitment to quality attracted more tonnage from existing Members and new business to the UK Club."

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