Book it right and pack it tight: 2020年度版

2020年1月1日よりIMDGコードの改正39-18が、強制適用となりました。この度、UKクラブとTTクラブは、本改正に関する項目を加えたガイドブック「Book it right and pack it tight」改訂版を発行しました。このガイドは、危険物の海上輸送に携わるすべての関係者をサポートするため、注意事項や必要な情報等を提供しています。

1 January 2020 marked the date of mandatory enforcement of the latest version of the IMDG Code, Amendment 39-18. As a consequence, UK P&I and TT Club have again collaborated to update their publication 'Book it right and pack it tight'. This guide provides key insights for all actors in the freight supply chain responsible for preparing unitised consignments for carriage by sea. The guide is intended to provide an overview of the key practical duties under the IMDG Code for each stakeholder, while not seeking to meet the mandatory training requirements.

As years go by, serious incidents caused by or involving dangerous goods continue to occur, not only on ships but also in ports. Errors, misunderstandings, misdeclarations and inadequate packing and securing lie at the heart of many of these incidents. As ultra-large container ships and the marine terminals they call at increase in size and capacity, the potential for economic, human and environmental accidents rise in proportion.

This guide is intended to support shippers, forwarders, shipping line booking staff and those who pack dangerous goods into cargo transport units for carriage by sea in the technical aspects of the IMDG Code.

It is projected that by assisting parties to understand their own duties and the duties of other actors in the transport chain, both communications and compliance can be enhanced.

This edition reflects the position in the IMDG Code Amendment 39-18 which is mandatory for two years from 1 January 2020, and follows all the steps required when booking and packing a consignment of dangerous goods with a shipping line.


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