COVID-19 - 客船、サービスボート、船員の交代についての最新の指令

コレスポンデンツO.F. Gollcher & Sons Ltdは、客船、旅客を運ぶ船舶、サービスボート、また船員の交代についての、マルタ当局による最新の指令を提供しています。

Correspondents O.F. Gollcher & Sons Ltd has provided the following update regarding Passenger Vessels, Vessels Carrying Passengers, Service Boats and Crew Changes issued by the authorities in Malta.


  • • All vessels must be cleared by Port Health prior to port entry.
  • • Cruise liners arriving from an Italian/Sicilian port (LPC) are NOT Permitted.
  • • Cruise ships arriving from a port other than Italian/Sicilian are Permitted subject to Port Health clearance.
  • • Any requests involving passengers from Italy/Sicily are NOT Permitted.
  • • Any request involving passengers not coming from Italy/Sicily are permitted and are subject to Port Health clearance.
  • • Requests from local work boats WTW / OTW are subject to Port Health clearance.
  • • Conveyances involving crew changes WTW and OTW are NOT Permitted. Crew changes are only permitted whilst vessels are in port subject that applicable procedures are in place including Port Health clearance.
  • • Conveyance vessels requesting to proceed to OTW are to process a normal arrival and departure notification and are also subject to port formalities including Port Health clearance.
  • • With regards to the dis/embarkation of surveyors, mooring master, etc. Port Health doctor to be consulted prior to authorising.

The above instructions are applicable with Immediate effect.


If you have any questions please get in touch with your usual UK Club contact. 

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