UK Club は、メンバー向けにBluemedによる遠隔治療サービスの提供を実現いたします

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The Covid-19 global pandemic presents extraordinary challenges for shipowners. With varied and evolving responses by States, shipowners are facing mounting difficulties  repatriating and substituting crewmembers. Many thousands of crew remain on board ships weeks or months beyond their scheduled end of contract, with little sign of a significant improvement in the situation in the immediate future. 

Keeping crew healthy

This situation is causing problems for crew health and wellbeing. Crewmembers may have ongoing conditions or may develop problems while still on board, which could be managed easily with the normal access to treatment ashore or the relief of repatriation for regular leave, but which may now be at risk of becoming more severe. Prolonged absence from homes and families, with little or no time ashore, will have effects on mental health. Growing fatigue makes crewmembers more susceptible to illness, and increases the possibilities of errors and accidents.

Recognising these extraordinary challenges, the Club has negotiated special access to a specialist marine telemedicine service, which UK Club Members can access on a “pay as you go” basis for non-emergency advice through Bluemed.

Members and their crew will receive:

  • expert medical advice from UK doctors, familiar with on-board environments and the medication and skills normally available
  • assistance managing illnesses and injuries on board
  • the service operates on a fixed per-case fee
  • no extended contract necessary

Additionally, a three-month trial of the full telemedicine service, for unlimited access to both urgent and non-urgent advice, will be available to Members for a single fixed trial cost per ship.

For more details on the service please contact:

Stephen Hunt

T: +44 (0)20 7204 2621
M: +44 (0) 7919 101 485

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