Crew Health Advice: 低体温症

今回のCrew Health Adviceでは、Red Square Medicalからの協力を得て、低体温症の主な原因、注意すべき兆候や症状、そして治療法についての情報をお届けしています。

Hypothermia is a condition caused by prolonged exposure to very cold temperatures meaning the body loses heat faster than it can produce it. The textbook definition is that a person is hypothermic when their core body temperature drops below 35 degrees Celsius.

In the below crew health advice, written in collaboration with Red Square Medical, we examine the primary causes of hypothermia, the signs or symptoms to look out for, and how to treat it. 

For more information on this advice article or any others form the UK Club do get in touch with our Crew Health Director Sophia Bullard who will be pleased to assist you. 

The advice on hypothermia is available to be downloaded below. 


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