1108 - 08/16 - MOUのPSC集中検査キャンペーン(CIC)


In the near future (01 Sep to 30 Nov 2016), there are two big port state control (PSC) Concentrated inspection campaigns (CIC) that are going to be run in various parts of the world. Paris MOU is carrying out a CIC on MLC 2006 whereas many of the other MOUs will be carrying out a CIC on Cargo securing arrangements.

Paris MOU PSC - MLC 2006

Paris MOU states will be

launching a CIC on the MLC 2006


The aim of the CIC is to verify that the minimum standards for working and living conditions have been implemented on board. Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) will use a

list of 12 selected questions to ensure

that the required certificates and documentation are present, in particular, those related to the seafarers on board. Additionally there are questions aimed at verification of records of the inspections of the accommodation, food and catering, and whether a safety committee has been established.

This inspection campaign will be held for a period of three months, commencing from 1 September 2016 and ending 30 November 2016.

The UK P&I Club has

partnered with Lloyd's Register on various publications related to the MLC

. These include the International Shipping Federation's (ISF) guide publication "Guidelines on the Application of the ILO Maritime Labour Conventions (2nd edition)" and the Lloyds Register/UK Club "ILO MLC pocket checklist".

The popular MLC Pocket checklist can

be downloaded as a soft copy (in pdf)

and is now also available as an

app for smartphones and tablets


Another good resource for readers who are looking for help with MLC issues is the

MLC resource webpage

on the UK P&I website.

Other PSC MOU's - Cargo Securing Arrangements

The Member states of Tokyo, Indian Ocean and the Black Sea PSC MOU will

be launching a CIC on the Cargo securing arrangements


The aim of the CIC is to verify that there is compliance with the procedures and measures that are in place on cargo securing arrangements on board ships meeting applicable requirements of the SOLAS and related guidelines.

For the purpose of interregional harmonization of the action, the BS MOU will use the model of the relevant Questionnaire developed by the Tokyo MOU with a checklist of 10 selected questions for cargo securing arrangements to establish that crew members with cargo securing duties are familiar with relevant equipment and documents and identify and understand the hazards associated with cargo securing operations.

This inspection campaign will be held for a period of three months, commencing from 1 September 2016 and ending 30 November 2016.

Guidance from the UK P&I Club regarding the proper securing and stowage of deck cargoes can be found in the "

Carefully to Carry

" publications.

Source of Information

Anuj Velankar

Senior Loss Prevention Advisor

Thomas Miller (South East Asia) Pte Ltd.

Managers of the Singapore branch


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