Compliance resources for MLC 2006

Flag authorities of the MLC 2006 ratifying states are now issuing bulletins and circulars on implementation into national laws and procedures for compliance.

The MLC 2006 section of our website is collating these individual states' materials for Members' reference under the title "Implementation resources for ratifying States". A number of other related resources can be found from other industry organisations as the impact of MLC 2006 extends to areas such as working hours and thereby other conventions such as STCW. These are found in that section under the title "Related workplace resources".

As an international legal instrument MLC 2006 does not apply directly to shipowners but, like all international law, relies on implementation by countries through their national laws or other measures. It is the national law or other measures would then apply to shipowners, seafarers and ships.

Our collation of documents currently related to Antigua, Bahamas, Panama and the United Kingdom. This will extend to other ratifying states in the coming weeks. Also, as we become aware of any revisions or developments in these arrangements the updated versions will be published. New and updated resources on these countries will appear in the latest "Knowledge & Developments" areas as well as in the "Implementation resources for ratifying States" section of the MLC 2006 main webpage.

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