Press Release: UK P&Iクラブ『Global Crew Change Advice manual』を発刊


P&I保険およびその他サービスを国際海運業界に提供するリーディングカンパニー、UK P&Iクラブは『Global Crew Change Advice manual』を発刊しました。これは、世界中の港における乗組員交代について、現時点での課題や諸問題をまとめた包括的なマニュアルです。ABC順でアルバニア(Albania)からイエメン(Yemen)まで国際主要港を並べており、全130ページを超える、他に類を見ないほど情報を網羅したドキュメントとなりました。

The UK P&I Club, a leading provider of P&I insurance and other services to the international shipping community, has launched ‘Global Crew Change Advice’, a comprehensive manual that outlines current challenges and issues regarding crew changes in ports throughout the world. An A-Z compendium of global ports, from Albania to Yemen, it is thought no other Club has such an exhaustive document.

The UK Club worked with over 200 of its correspondents global network to produce the easy to navigate 130 page document, which is structured to answer four basic questions. For example, in Kuwait, the questions and answers are as follows:

  • Q: Are routine crew changes permitted in your port?
    As of now, crew changes are temporarily halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the commercial ports of Shuwaikh and Shuaiba. However, sign off is permitted at KPC terminals Mina Al Ahmadi and Mina Abdullah.

  • Q: If crew changes are allowed, are there any restrictions in doing so?  (e.g. mandatory Covid-19 tests or quarantine requirements.
    A: The crew will be taken directly from the ship to the airport. No tests are conducted and there is no quarantine period.

  • Q: Are crewmembers who are either sick or injured permitted to be disembarked in your port?
    A: Yes, subject to approval by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interior.

  • Q: If crewmembers are allowed to disembark, are there any restrictions in doing so? (e.g. mandatory Covid-19 tests or quarantine requirements)
    A:  Disembarking is subject to mandatory Covid-19 tests, and there is also a 14 days quarantine period.

Andrew Taylor, Chief Executive, UK P&I Club, said: “Constantly shifting global and regional restrictions during the pandemic can play havoc with logistics and planning. Our Global Crew Change Advice manual is an important document for Members and we believe this is the most comprehensive A-Z index of how ports around the world deal with crew changes in the current pandemic environment. The document will be updated regularly when the situation changes and the Club hopes Members will find it invaluable when liaising with charterers and local agents for planning crew changes.

For enquiries regarding the Global Crew Change Advice manual, please contact Neil Beckwith, UK P&I Club Correspondents Manager at


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Jon Atkins/ Alastair Doyle - Four Communications

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Notes to Editors

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