Press Release: UK P&Iクラブ2020年度保険更新について

UK P&I クラブは2020年度保険更新について、下記の通りプレスリリースを発表しました。皆様のご協力とご理解のもと, 競争の激しい市場で強力かつ規律ある更新の結果、船主の相互保険加入船舶は1億4300万総トンとなりました。

The UK P&I Club ("The UK Club"), one of the leading shipping protection and indemnity mutual insurers, today announces its renewal results for 2020.

The Club delivered a strong, disciplined renewal in a competitive market. Mutual tonnage stands at 143 million gross tons and the Club continues to add carefully selected tonnage with an encouraging number of future commitments from existing Members.

Andrew Taylor, Chief Executive of Thomas Miller P&I, says:

"The Club is committed to delivering high standards of service and innovative safety initiatives for our Members. We continue to seek ways to deliver P&I cover at competitive rates while  retaining focus on individual Member rating adequacy. The Club emerges from this renewal in a stronger position for 2020 and beyond. The UK Club and its Board greatly appreciates the continuing commitment of the membership and the support of the insurance broking community during the 2020 renewal."

The full press release can be downloaded as a PDF above. 


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