The Club regularly organises events for our Members and the wider shipping community. Social events are regularly hosted by the Club across all its regions ensuring communication and understanding between staff, Members and other industry partners such as insurance brokers, lawyers, government and local agencies.

The Club's Loss Prevention department are also proactive in arranging and attending crew seminars for Club Members. The Club welcomes participating in Members crew seminars as it gives the Loss prevention team a valuable opportunity to exchange information and thoughts with the ships crew in a relaxed setting and thus insight into the current difficulties being faced by the ships staff and then identify future developing problems. If Members would like the Club to participate in their crew seminars, please get in touch with your usual Club contact or the Loss prevention department.

Loss Prevention & Crew Health Seminars

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2017年4月20日、UK P&Iニュージャージー支店の職員が、 Harley Marine社とともに、マリンタグボート"HMS Justice"に乗船しニューヨーク港を巡りました。
4月25日、クレーム担当者のLisa Clarke,George Huxley, Alexander Geoehegan, Ben Johnsonがサウス・シールズ・マリン・スクールを訪問しブリッジ・シミュレーション機器を使用した航行技術の体験を行いました。
シニア・ロス・プリベンション・アドバイザーのAnuj Velankar 及びシニア・リスク・アセッサーのChris Robertsは2017年4月27日- 28日に開催されたアジア海難事故フォーラムに出席しました。
4月22日、シンガポールのセントーサでチャリティ・イベントRASI 2(Row Around Singapore Island)が開催されました。世界各地で働く船員のための団体"Mission to Seafarers"への寄付活動として6艇のチームがトーマス・ミラー杯レースに参加しました。
Senior Loss Prevention Advisor Captain Anuj Velankar recently represented the UK P&I Club at seminars held on the 8th and 10th of February in Mumbai and Chennai.
The UK P&I Club was glad to be given to opportunity to take part in the latest Wellness at Sea Conference that took place in Singapore on 17th Jan 2017. The conference organised by the Sailors society was held to raise awareness of the “Wellness at sea”

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