The UK(Bermuda) and UK(Europe) are operated on a unified basis as one association and trade under the name of the ‘the UK P&I Club’ (the ‘Club’).  The Club can trace its history back to 1869 when the association of ship owners, which was subsequently incorporated as The United Kingdom Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Association Limited (‘UK London’), was formed.

The Club is a mutual marine insurance business providing cover for marine P&I risks. The business of the Club is carried on by UK(Bermuda) and UK(Europe) (operating through its branches in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore).  The Members of the Club are Members of UK(Bermuda).  UK(Europe) is the sole provider of insurance for the Members under which name policies are written.  UK(Bermuda) reinsures 90% of the retained protection and indemnity risks.  At any one time, UK(Bermuda) holds 90% of the Club’s funds and arranges for investment of those funds.


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