The Managers

The Club's Managers, Thomas Miller are the most frequent point of contact for the Club's Members.

The day-to-day business of the Club, including its finances and investments, is delegated to an independent firm of professional managers, Thomas Miller P&I (Europe) Ltd., who are responsible for implementing the policies laid down by the Directors.

List of managers & their roles
P&I Management responsibilities (as from Jan 2017)

Chairman, CEO & Reinsurance Director Hugo Wynn-Williams
Deputy Chairman & Claims Policy DirectorNigel Carden
Chief Underwriting Director Christopher Brown
Chief Finance Officer Andrew J Taylor
Claims DirectorAlan Mackinnon
Joint Chief Operating OfficerPhilip Clacy
Joint Chief Operating OfficerAnke Newstead
Risk OfficerMarion Robery
Compliance Officer Paul Knight
Legal Director Chao Wu
Marketing DirectorJenny Lane
Director of ReinsurancePatrick Ruane
Regional Director (Japan)Paul Sessions
Regional Director (Greece)Daniel Evans
Regional Director (ASPAC) Andrew Jones
Regional Director (Americas) Michael Jarrett
Finance - Actuarial Nigel De Silva
UK Club Japan Representative Masaki Oiwa
SignumMike Carroll
Loss Prevention & Ship Inspection DirectorStuart Edmonston
PEME Sophia Grant


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