Members’ Committe

The Members’ Committee

The Members’ Committee focuses on matters related to shipping and the services offered by the Club, including industry and legislative developments, loss prevention and marine risk management, discretionary claims, proposed changes or developments in cover, and other matters reflecting the mutual interests of the Membership. The Members’ Committee is consulted by the regulatory Boards on strategic matters, such as development of the Club’s corporate rolling plan, and financial matters such as any proposals to reduce or increase premiums.


  •  3x meetings a year
  • Comprises solely Directors representing entered fleet
  • Individuals serving on Members’ Committee do not have to be a regulated Director
  • Can concentrate on representational and discretionary matters, and subjects related to shipping
  • Reduce duplication of effort between Boards
  • Consultation rights for Members Committee; imposing a general increase, levy inga supplementary premium, agreeing a discount on the mutual premium 


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