The UK Club & Mission to Seafarers

The UK Club is supporting the Mission to Seafarers' family project. 

The aim of this project is to support seafarers’ families. We provide key services including counselling, advocacy, medical advice, IT support, financial guidance, helping families to help themselves.

Our network of seafarers’ wives is spread across the Philippines increasing our geographical reach and support beyond the limits of our offices. From our offices at the National Cathedral of the IFI in Taft Avenue our two paid members of staff and volunteers help organise and host training and orientation on a broad range of issues including counselling, medical advice and financial guidance. We are also on hand to help with basic social and welfare issues. We conduct hospital visits, promote seafarers’ general health including awareness of sexual health issues. We promote the maritime sector including an understanding of the roles and the difficulties seafarers face but also the vital contribution seafarers make to the overall economy of the Philippines.

About The Mission to Seafarers

The Mission to Seafarers operates in more than 200 ports, across 50 countries and manages 120 Seafarers Centres - from which a range of needs are met, including the means to connect to families via wifi. 
Our network of chaplains, staff and volunteer ship visitors assist seafarers of all ranks, nationalities and beliefs. Isolation, abandonment, injury, imprisonment, personal problems, fear of piracy, suicide and mental health are all issues our trained professionals are dealing with on a weekly if not daily basis. Sometimes all that is needed is a few words to resolve a problem. 

With our extensive global coverage, we are present in most key ports, where we are often the only help on offer. We are also a key player in justice and welfare cases and have played the lead role in MLC2006. 

Our concerns are not only for The Seafarer, but very much for the family too. Over the past year we have developed special services for families in the Ukraine and the Philippines (India planned for 2018), recognising that often it is pressure from home which causes a seafarer to develop poor mental health or commit suicide. We have just invested in the Happiness Index and are planning new services in the field of mental health in 2018.

Find out more about The Mission to Seafarers on their website here: 

当クラブのシニア・ロスプリベンション・アドバイザー、Capt. Anuj Valankarは、船員のウェルフェアに関する多大な貢献に対して、Mission to Seafarersより特別賞を授与されました。
国際的な船員ウェルフェアチャリティ団体である"The Mission to Seafarers"は、本日、新しいWeCare ソーシャルコミュニケーションおよび金融リテラシーのトレーニングプログラムを開始したと発表しました。
毎年、UKP&Iクラブは、海事関係の複数のチャリティーをサポートしています。 2017/18年には、ミッション・トゥー・シーフェアラーズ、セーラーズ・ソサエティ、マーシーシップス、国際海事救助連盟の4つのチャリティー団体に協力しています。

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