1031 - 03/15 - Urgent Update, Escalating Conflict - Yemen

Following the escalating conflict, Members are advised to urgently review any on-going or scheduled port calls in Yemen, and to consult reliable local sources and/or maritime risk experts for the most up-to-date information.

Our local correspondents have reported that the rebel forces have taken over the city of Aden, and that the port of Aden is closed.  Following the air strikes launched by a Saudi-led coalition, the possibility of ground and naval offensives in Yemen has grown significantly as Egypt declared its readiness to send aerial, naval and ground support “if necessary”. The airports and ports would be possible targets.

In response to the deteriorating situation in Yemen, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) has amended their “Conditions of Entry for Certain Vessels Arriving to the United States from Yemen”. They have included to the list of ports Ash Shir Terminal and the Port of Hodeidah. At the moment the only Yemeni port still excluded from the condition of entry is the Balhalf LNG Terminal.

The notice published by the USCG can be found here.

Members should be aware that the Club’s correspondents will be affected by the ongoing situation and may be hampered in what they can provide by way of assistance.

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