1035 - 04/15 - Vessels arriving from Libya - USA

The US Coast Guard announced that, effective from 24 April 2015, it is imposing conditions of entry on vessels arriving in the United States after having called at any port in Libya, during their last five port calls.

In summary, all affected vessels are obliged to:

• Implement Security Level 2 measures as specified in their ship security plan while in Libya.
• Ensure that each access point is guarded and that guards have total visibility of the exterior of the vessel while in a Libyan port. The guards may be provided by the vessel’s crew. However, additional crewmembers should be placed on board the vessel, if necessary, to ensure that limits of maximum hours of work are not exceeded and/or minimum hours of rest are met.
• Attempt to execute a Declaration of Security while in a Libyan port.
• Log all security actions in the vessel’s security records.
• Report actions taken to the pertinent USCG Captain of the Port (COTP) prior to arrival into US waters.

The Conditions of Entry can be found on the USCG web site here.

Source of Information

George Radu
Thomas Miller (Americas)
San Francisco, USA
Email: SanFrancisco.ukclub@thomasmiller.com

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