1046 - 06/15 - Customs Fines, Necochea - Argentina

Further to our various circulars in relation to Customs problems in Argentina a new and urgent matter has now developed which is causing serious problems and concerns to the ships calling at the port of Necochea this week.
Customs at the port of Quequén/Necochea has now implemented a new regulation for this port as of 16th June 2015 for a trial period of 30 days by which they are requiring that the store list declaration upon a vessel’s arrival has to be submitted in Spanish. This new regulation was not implemented until 24th June when two vessels were not allowed to start loading until the store list was presented in Spanish.

The association of the local agents has arranged for an urgent meeting with Necochea Customs Officials in an attempt to change Necochea Customs decision. Unfortunately, the outcome of this meeting only confirmed Customs new requirement.

Considering the above and until further notice, it is suggested that ships calling Necochea port, should consider translating their respective Store Lists before arrival.

The Necochea Customs new requirement is based on old regulations which have not been used for a long time.

It is still not confirmed if the new requirement will continue to be enforced after the end of the 30 days trial period.

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