1047 - 07/15 - Ballasting Issues - Ukraine

The Association has been recently advised of some still existing problems with fines related to ballast water quality in Ukraine.
We have been informed that despite a new law which cancelled the segregated ballast quality control on board ships, local (regional) ecological inspection officials are still trying to gain access on board and impose fines on the vessels. We understand these inspectors try to take advantage of the Master’s lack of knowledge of the Ukrainian laws.

We would recommend our Members that if such inspectors do go on board, their instructions should not be followed and they should not be allowed to carry out sampling of the ballast tanks. If the inspectors persist with their request to take samples, the Members are requested to contact the P&I Club or our local correspondent so that we can deal with the inspectors’ demands.

The following is an excerpt of the current Ukrainian regulations in regards to this matter, as received from our local correspondent.


On April 03 2015 there came into force Order 82 dd. 18.03.2015 (filing No. 343/26788) of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine “on introducing changes into some state ecological control regulations”. By virtue of this Order chemical control of segregated ballast is cancelled. The said Order is aimed at improvement of the ecological control service activity and also it is intended to bring certain Ukrainian normative and legal acts in conformity with the international law.
Authority of the state ecological inspectors to analyse the segregated ballast water is cancelled. Their authority to take samples and carry out laboratory analyses of the segregated ballast for its contents and characteristics is withdrawn by force of the amended Item 6.9 of the marine ecological inspections regulations.



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