1049 - 07/15 - Alert - Nickel Ore, Surigao - Philippines

The Association is currently dealing with a case that involves liquefaction of nickel ore from Surigao, Philippines.

The rainy season in Philippines officially started on 23 June this year. The heavy rains combined with the strong winds and rough seas experienced in South China Sea lately bring forward, once again, concerns about cargo liquefaction.

Since the entry into force of the IMSBC Code Amendment 02-13, nickel ore is already classed as Group A cargo. All shippers should provide Transportable Moisture Limit (TML) and Moisture Content (MC) Certificates for all cargoes of nickel ore.

The Masters on board, upon receipt of the TML and MC Certificates, should make sure that the date on which the samples for determining the moisture content were taken is no more 7 days before the actual loading. Furthermore, they should ensure that the actual port of loading is the same as the port for which the TML and the MC certificates were issued.

On board the vessel during loading the Master, Officers and Crew should conduct frequent and regular can tests. They should also keep a close watch for the presence of cargo splatter marks on the bulkheads, shell plating and hatch coamings and monitor for pools of free water in the cargo.

A list with the clubs recent articles on liquefaction can be found here.

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