111 - 10/99 - DPC Certificates - Brazil

On 9th March 1995, the Brazilian Directorate of Ports and Coast of the Ministry of Navy, following a number of incidents involving older bulk carriers, introduced a requirement that certain ships obtain DPC Certificates prior to loading. In summary, any bulk carrier of 18 years or older intending to load cargoes of specific gravity in excess of one metric tonne per cubic metre are obliged to obtain such a certificate.

In order to obtain a DPC certificate, owners must, through their local agents, submit copies of all the ships's certificates to the Dirtectorate.  The Directorate will then make a decision as to whether or not a survey of the ship is necessary.  If such a survey is necessary, this is carried out by a classification society recognised by the Brazilian government but must not be the same classification society with which the ship is classed.  The costs of the survey are estimated at US$2,500 to US$3,000 (incidental expenses will depend upon the port) and these costs are, of course, for owner's account.  The certificate is valid for twelve months.

The certificate is required as a condition of the ship's berthing. Whilst the local correspondents are not aware of instances where the DPC have delayed the survey to a point of causing an impact on the tender/acceptance of notice of readiness, there is a risk that the requirement to obtain this certificate could affect NOR, (subject of course to any relevant provisions in the charterparty).  We would recommend that Members bear this in mind when fixing their ships - if 18 years or older -  for such trade.

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Marc Jackson (L1)

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