1157 - 10/18 - Cash to Master - Algeria

Date: 01/10/2018
Author: Richard Case/George Huxley
1157 - 10/18 - Cash to Master - Algeria

The Club has recently handled two separate incidents in Algeria where crew members taking cash to the Master of the ship have had the cash confiscated by the Algerian Customs, as well as a fine imposed for twice the amount of the cash value.

In Algeria, “Cash to Master” must go via the ship agents and cannot be taken to the Master by a crew member. Failure to comply with this will most likely result in the cash being confiscated by the authorities and a fine imposed.

It should be noted that this requirement is not helpful for a Master, as the ship agents are required to give the Master Algerian Dinars (DZD) and cannot give US dollars.

Cash for the personal use of a crew member is permitted, provided it is officially declared to customs by the crew member when arriving in Algeria and re-declared when leaving.

The fine imposed is twice the amount of the cash value confiscated when individuals are concerned, for a company the fine is five times the amount confiscated.

For more information, Members should contact Senior Claims Director, Richard Case or Claims Executive, George Huxley.

Richard Case
Senior Claims Director
Thomas Miller P&I (Europe) Ltd.
+44 20 7283 4646

George Huxley
Claims Executive
Thomas Miller P&I (Europe) Ltd.
+44 20 7283 4646

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