180 - 03/01 - Foot and Mouth Disease - Restrictions on Meat

Due to a recent outbreak of food and mouth disease in the United Kingdom, and reports of outbreaks of the disease in France, many countries in the world are now enforcing restrictions against the import of meat and food products from Europe.  Outbreaks of the disease are also reported in Argentina, Colombia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


The United States Department of Agriculture has temporarily banned the import of all meat or unprocessed meat products from the European Union.  It is reported that up to 90 other countries have imposed similar restrictions on meat cargoes from Europe..

The European Union has also introduced a ban against the import of fresh, chilled / frozen meat from Argentina.


In Australia customs authorities have refused to allow a ship to land a cargo of used mining equipment from the UK, as the cargo may have been in contact with land in the UK.  In the USA a containerised cargo of used agricultural tractors has been quarantined.


We are continually checking with correspondents, but to date have received no indication of any action being taken against ships stores or meats for consumption onboard ship.  However, we understand that some countries may introduce guidelines / regulations with respect to disposal of ship's garbage which might contain such foodstuffs.

Source of information: Bill Kirrane S1

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