373 - 07/04 - Stowaway Requirements - ISPS Code - Durban - South Africa

We have been advised that to disembark stowaways in Durban, South Africa, the following requirements must be in place:

  1. Ships arriving in Durban from a foreign port will require to give 96 hours notice of stowaways onboard providing the ship is ISPS compliant. If the ship is not compliant with the ISPS code then this could hinder the disembarkation of stowaways
  2. Ships arriving at Durban whose last port of call was a South African port, will be allowed to disembark stowaways without giving notice provided that they meet with the National Ports Authority’s requirements.
  3. Ships arriving at Durban Roads from a South African port that wish to disembark stowaways at the outer anchorage will be allowed to do so, provided they meet with the National Ports Authority’s requirements.
  4. Ships leaving Durban harbour where stowaways are found onboard after the ship has left the anchorage will be allowed to disembark the stowaways, provided they meet with the National Ports Authority’s requirements.

The National Ports Authority requires the following:-

In all cases where stowaways have been found onboard a ship from either a foreign port or a South African port, a pre-arrival form from the National Ports Authority of South Africa must be completed by the ship’s local agent and forwarded, prior to the stowaway or stowaways disembarkation, to:-

(a)  Maritime Rescue Coordinating Centre, Cape Town

(b)  Durban Port Control

(c)  Port Security Officer, Durban

We advise Members of the above requirements, which may be subject to changes, and also advise that local immigration requirements must also be complied with.

Source of information: 

Ron Evans

P & I Associates (Pty) Ltd.

E-mail: evansr@pandi.co.za

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